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ABOUT INGE: At the age of 14, by accident, I started teaching. First gymnastics, later followed by snowboarding, yoga, ayurveda and other subjects. This coincidence helped me to understand some important points about myself and my role in life.

First: I love to watch and assist others in growth. It deepens my understanding of the subject, because I have to find a way to help my students work with it. This can only be done by understanding how they approach it, and seeing where my experience can be useful for them – and theirs for me ;).

Second: Anything can be made into a way of living. We can never flawlessly copy any piece of information, as the moment it is received, it becomes an experience. So the only way to pass on knowledge is to make it wisdom - a part of the self - first, and share from that space freely. In that process it connects into all I know and is carried by everything else. Any field can support and enrich any other field and true knowledge is always interdisciplinary.

Back Story: In university, I studied liberal arts & sciences with a focus on cultural anthropology & conflict studies. This increased my interest and possibilities to travel the world - which I did as much as possible for the last 12 years. I came in contact with shamans, alternative healers & teachers, who helped me to start dealing with the things which hold me back. In this process, the direction of my life changed. I suddenly felt a desire to develop healing skills & give something back to the world and the beautiful people in it. Ever since, every step I take keeps adding new interests and viewpoints to my being, which can help with that desire.

My quest has sent me all over the world, from shamanic rituals in Ecuador, to communities in Central America that are focused on healing the self and others, many gatherings in western countries and so on. I have learned and taught in many festivals, schools and (teacher) trainings. The past 5 years I was absorbed mostly in the womb of mother India. Spending time with fully realized beings to see the way and infinite possibilities of this existence. In between practicing, enriching and sharing my experiences with a variety of beings. To step (or be forced) out of my comfort zone has proven to be a great teacher of its own. For all we need is already inside us, all knowledge available to the conscious soul. All that holds us back is the limits we use to protect our idea of ‘I’.

Teaching Motto:

We are like a mirror; there is a reflection of any aspect of existence inside us.

Exploring this fast infinity inside, will help us to make sense of what we find in the world outside. In this journey, we are one. We all come from the same eternity and have the same quest; to explore the possibilities of being. The one thing that always encourages this process is to enjoy and share the unconditional love - the pure essence - in all that surrounds us.

There are many ways to enter into this state, suitable for different situations. Some people (or times) require to practice alone, in silence. Others scream for singing and dancing together. Unity can be achieved intra- or inter-personally. Knowing bits of many different styles – I like to let things blend and reinforce each other, allowing them to adapt to the circumstances intuitively.

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