Do you want to visit an artisan workshop or cooperative, meet the artisans and learn about their craft? Are you interested in local life in the surrounding villages, learning to make traditional cuisine, and sharing a meal with Moroccan families? Do you want to trek the contours of the Rif Mountains or the deserts beyond the Atlas ranges? Or maybe, you just want to meet local Moroccan peers in a cafe for some mint tea and friendly discourse about life in Morocco?



Living in Chefchaouen gives me on-the-ground knowledge and access to local artisans, cooperatives, people, communities and businesses to help organize and coordinate cultural activities, and adventures, for visiting individuals, families, and groups.

I speak the local language, can facilitate dialogue and genuine exchange, bridging the cultural gap between Moroccans and international visitors. My expertise is in interpreting cultural interactions, mitigating expectations between all participants, and enabling a deeper cross cultural understanding, respect, and joy in the experience for all.

I can be a convenient local resource available for simply facilitating connections between you and my partners … or if you would like me to organize, coordinate, and accompany you on activities and adventures, I am also available for more in depth daily support as your personal Travel Consultant and Cultural Coordinator. I offer full/half day rates, and longer tenures of service at a discount.

Reach out for a 30 MIN FREE CONSULTATION, and let’s talk about what you have in mind!



Do you want to visit Morocco but are not sure where to start? Are you wondering what information you can trust on the internet? Are you looking for a local resource with local connections to help you navigate a whole new world? Then, I’m your lady.

After years of working, living, and traveling throughout Morocco, I have learned, grown, and collected myriad experiences that have given me intimate knowledge of the beautiful people, culture, and ways of this enchanting place. There is so much history and heritage to discover, and hypnotic landscapes to traverse, changing dramatically from the north to south of the country.

Whether you are a solo traveler or in a group … whether you want to travel in luxury or like a local … I can be your personal travel advisor, one-stop-shop, to organize everything from guides, transport, accommodation, meals, to yoga classes, teachers, and cultural activities, serving as your in-country resource before, during, and after your journey in Morocco.

I offer the personal perspective, expertise, and a trusted local network of friends and partners to collaboratively design a custom experience that will be unique to your interests, and leave an indelible impression upon your heart.

Reach out for a 30 MIN FREE CONSULTATION, and let’s talk about what you have in mind!


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this MODERN NOMAD BLOG :song of stace, past, present, and future travels of my mind ...

DRIVING i :My chapbook of poetic aphorisms paired with original black & white photography offering commentary on the American experience, our cultural psychosis, and the economy of convenience and excess driving our times. and shaping our identity.

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"Morocco held a lot of "Magic" for me.  Of course, I was blessed that my children were with me. This is one of the greatest gifts of my life, and it was magic for them too. Stacey created a great journey, a stylized yoga program for our group, combined with an enchanted journey into Morocco. We experienced the exotic, the oasis, camels and the stars, the desert, the magic of Morocco, along with yoga!! The yoga off the mat was also huge, and Stacey, definitely delivered. I loved the experience … traveling cross country to see the landscape and take it into our hearts. At La Maisonnette, Fanny and Mustapha created a breath of fresh air and deep caring as we immersed ourselves into their Oasis Guest House in Tinghir.  We were welcomed with their charming hospitality, which is gracious and big hearted, and with a wonderful bounty of delicious meals. We left Morocco refreshed, enriched and full of gratitude!!"

- Isabella Mary Kons, Yoga & Meditation Oasis Retreat 2017


"An Oasis for the Soul - Amazing rooftop views of the oasis from this lovely hotel. Wonderful breakfasts and dinners (we ate here for 5 nights) and it was worth every dirham. Thank you for your hospitality Stacey and Fatima! Very close to day hiking at Todgha Gorge. Our group did a 3-day trek with Mustapha and the hiking was stupendous!!! This was a truly authentic Berber experience as we stayed with a nomad family for one night and camped out under the stars for two nights. Highly recommend using Mustapha as a guide!Upon further reflection a few weeks later: Morocco was a peak experience in my 45 years around the sun. I spent 3 weeks in Morocco and Tinghir was a highlight and you're probably not scheduling enough time there. The dinner may seem expensive but for the convenience and the quality/taste of the food, you're getting a really good value. I regret not being a better tipper for these lovely people but I blame that on my PTSD from carpet shopping. ;-)This place is not perfect and you must remember that you are still in Africa, but it's pretty close to perfect. Highly recommend this place!!"  

- Scott Lee, La Maisonnette 2019


"Rich Experience - We stayed at La Maisonnette for 10 days, just the right amount of time to explore many of the rich experiences that the area has to offer. The house overlooks the oasis and has stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The house was artistic, warm and welcoming with a salon and several porches for guests to gather and share stories or to find a quiet place to read and reflect. We ate the finest meals by far in all of our time in Morocco here. The heart and soul of La Maisonnette is the concierge, Stacey. She could not have been more helpful. She took care of the day to day management of the house, did all the shopping, provided wonderful fresh breakfasts and facilitated exquisite dinners with Fatima. On top of all this she provided us with a wealth of information about the town, surrounding area, the Berber people and arranged for day trips to the Todgha Gorge and to the hand delved salt mines high into the mountains. We mentioned that we wanted to see the dunes near Merzouga and Stacey used her resources to get us a driver and arranged an overnight private camel trek into the Erg Chebbi dunes. All in all our stay at La Maisonnette was all we hoped it would be and thanks to Stacey, much much more.”

- Jess Hartley & Brian Wilcox, La Maisonnette 2019

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