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“Stacey is an exceptional yoga teacher who brings balance and energy to her classes. In Yin, Stacey helps students explore the edges of their capability - not pushing, just gently guiding you through the class. In dynamic classes, Stacey leads with energy and precision. She is safety and body conscious, allowing her students to work at their own pace while also encouraging people to explore their boundaries.An experienced Yogini, Stacey's teaching style reflects her dedication to yogic practices and her vast knowledge. Her classes are immersive, letting you remain present, focused and centered. It's clear Stacey puts a lot of thought and effort into her classes which is appreciated by her students.”

- Tim Snell, London UK

“Just what I needed. - I needed a friend. And a yoga teacher. I found both. She's taught us not only the asanas but also meditation, yoga lifestyle, alimentation, she gave us tips on how to improve our practice, even if she wasn't able to do the pose. She's a luminous soul, humble and strong.”

- Eleonora Rini, Mantova Italy

“Nothing was missed for me. Quite the opposite - I feel very grateful and happy about it. It was a great program. I loved and appreciated Stacey’s teaching style - well grounded, focused, disciplined but also light, loving with a nice sense of humor. I liked the flow of asanas - going from one to the next very smoothly and elegantly :) I liked the level of challenge, even if there were moments where it was too high for me, it was still ok. I LOVED her adjustments and messaging - it felt amazingly relaxing (I feel very grateful for that). Inge has great integrity, and is enlightened and mature. I felt deeply connected to her teaching. It was perfect - creative, wise, deep and joyful. I loved the breathing exercises and heart meditation. I LOVED her adjustments and messaging - they were amazing! It was a very personal, deep, beautiful, amazing experience for me. It was the best formula for visiting a new country or spending vacation time."

- Kristina Lukawska, Yoga & Meditation Oasis Retreat 2017

Yoga international:My favorite site for in depth and thoughtful articles on anatomy and safe yoga practice.


YOGA DOWNLOAD: My favorite site for on-the-go yoga sessions. Great teachers and fair membership price for monthly access and unlimited downloads.


UPLIFT CONNECT: Really interesting, inspiring, and informative articles on yoga, meditation, and wellness.


YOGA TRAIL: Great resource for teachers and directory for students. There is a free version of the application that lets teachers create a profile, list classes and events, and develop a student following. Students can search for teachers and events all over the world.

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I believe that we are all on our own yoga journey, each student an ever changing dynamic being in search of happiness and peace, and that my role is to help students connect with themselves, to learn to honor their bodies, to encourage patience and surrender, openness and exploration, so they may reach their personal goals.

I consider yoga to be a meditation in movement, challenging, beautiful, and transformative. Therefore, I promote a serious but lighthearted approach to the practice, and endeavor to create a safe space for self expression, without judgement, where students can embrace their potential, with the support they need for growth.

I specialize in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Alignment, and Yin Yoga. All classes are taught in English. I happy to answer any questions. Feel free to contact me directly.




Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga explained, plus class descriptions. Private ZOOM 1v1 classes for €20, or choose from several Bundle Passes. Commit to 8 sessions and receive a discount. Open to new and experienced students. Details here.

Below is a link to a custom yoga retreat I have offered in the past. It is an example of what is possible if you are a teacher looking for a venue and travel program, or a group of friends, wanting to experience a magical blend of yoga and culture in Morocco. After spending many years working, living, and traveling in Morocco, I have developed many partners and resources in country, and can be a one-stop-shop to help you organize everything from yoga classes, teachers, guides, transport, accommodation, meals, to cultural activities.

 Reach out for a 30 MIN FREE CONSULTATION. I am flexible, and can work with varying budgets.

 More information and reviews available here.






Currently offering Small Group Yoga Classes in person & Private ZOOM 1v1 Hatha Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga classes online from my Chefchaouen home. Commit to 8 sessions and receive a discount.

Here's my regular schedule of availability, but custom dates and times are available.

Want to chat before committing to a session with me?

Reach out for a 30 MIN FREE CONSULTATION!

I provide custom designed private yoga sessions with personal attention towards your individual interests and needs.

•  Do you want specialized guidance and a custom course of yoga?

•  Do you want to a gain deeper understanding of your own practice, or focus on a specific goal?

•  Or are you just passing through Chefchaouen and feel like moving your body mind spirit?

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