Stacey Hoshimiya, April 10 2020

Corona Diaries - Lost & Found - #5

(Busy, not busy, at the Nomad Desk - Chefchaouen, Morocco 2020)

- APRIL 10, 2020 - 

Distracted and doing everything but the writing. No focus, and no motivation. The reality of the urgency hangs there, but it is not sinking in, at least not enough to move me. Maybe I am mesmerized by the magnitude of uncertainty for the first time in my life. Just so many unknowns, so many variables to consider. It is hard to know in what way to work, in what way to really use this time the best. At least, I am doing the small self care things, like showering (haha), laundry, shopping for food, cooking, drinking lots of tea. Sometimes, even yoga, too. 

Crisis reveals the cracks. Maybe it is good for us? Just rip the bandaid off. Take a look at the rot.

Look at what happens when you elect a reality tv star as president. He’s been nothing but fake news his whole life. So of course, he can’t handle the real thing. Morons and crooks at the helm, but hopefully, they will do what’s right. Saw that flimsy stimulus plan (one time payment of 1200-2400 per family), mild support for small businesses but in the form of loans - so more debt, but of course, the airlines are going to be bailed out with millions, which they will just use to buy back their own stocks and profit ... it’s a pandemic exposing a much deeper pandemic. 

Will America be shaken from its psychosis? 

I hear that people are rediscovering riding bikes. Less people are driving so its safer in the streets, and maybe people are seeing their neighborhood, and their neighbors for the first time? Maybe they are seeing their families, themselves for the first time? Realizing the benefits of dropping the commute, working from home, suddenly spending more time with family, the possibility of reconnection. Rip Van Winkle perspective. How long have we all been asleep, complacent on our comfy sofas, remote securely in hand, just switching channels, one distraction to the next, the humdrum roll of obligation and going through the motions, not ever really present in living the moment? 

I don’t have much faith in Americans coming together to help each other, but I want to. It will be interesting to see how the community based culture of Morocco that shares everything, including space, food from same dish, water from same glass, handshakes, hugs, and kisses every time you meet, etc. ... how will it fare with transmission during a pandemic? Will a culture so used to being present with each other, sharing every moment, giving blessings in every meeting, be devastated by this forced dislocation and isolation? Or will the American way of being suspicious of 'the other', the need to demonize, and prone to paranoid conspiracy theories of the deep state save us from utter collapse? Only time will tell. 

Everything coming to you is a gift.

Written by

Stacey Hoshimiya


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