Stacey Hoshimiya, April 13 2020

Corona Diaries - Lost & Found - #7

(Wild Poppy Fields in the Foothills - Chefchaouen, Morocco 2020)

- APRIL 13, 2020 - 

Easter came and went here without much thought. It’s easy to do in a place that does not recognize the ritual. But I celebrated in my own way. The Saturday sun beckoned me to the mountains, and I took a long hike to stretch my legs and my mind, to take in other views of my new home, to breathe in that sweet spring air, and to rise again to the occasion at hand. 

There is definitely a resurrection of some kind happening right now. Personally, for sure, and I suspect, also for many throughout the world. Perhaps there will be a great mind shift after this crisis averts? Maybe we will rediscover our solidarity and shared humanity? Only time will tell.

I am on my own easter egg hunt, searching for those eternal tokens of new life, a change coming, something promised, incubating, nurtured, manifesting. Spring, the time for unearthing, tilling soil, and planting seeds. Harvest and bounty later. How curious this pandemic has forced my thoughts back to the root rhythm of seasons, and how they reflect the ebb and flow of living.  Every year a death and rebirth, and I would posit, daily even. 

Many new perspectives rushed in along the way, the ever elusive connections making sense, and I have arrived at a clear vision of where I want to be a year out from now. I see how I want to use this pandemic to my advantage, and what I need to do to get myself to that goal. 

In these weeks, I have developed a solid plan. I do not know if it will work. But I do know that every effort I make now, only enriches my opportunities later. I still feel like this forced isolation, and shifting of priorities, has given me the gift of time to focus on the projects I had previously put aside. Freed from the daily distractions of other more pressing work, I am only left to return to those peripheral back burnered projects that have been simmering in the recesses of my mind, just collecting flavor. And now, I can see how my past years' endeavors inform and marry perfectly into this present moment. More loose ends have come together, ready to be tied. 

Establishing a new routine has been a bit of a struggle, but I’m starting to flow, and am making progress everyday. I have collected my eggs, and am happy tending to new life, and new opportunity.

Everything coming to you is a gift.

Written by

Stacey Hoshimiya


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